Dri-fit Tzitzis Shirt Tallit Talit Katan Israel Idf Army Jewish Kosher Tzitzit M

Tallit Katan - Undershirt Jewish Garment - Kosher Tzitzit Dri-Fit - Breathable Lightweight Fabric, Khaki IDF Israeli Army Colors SizeArmpit to Armpit inchLength inchArmpit to Armpit cmLength cm M21285372 Order more than one and save on shipping costs. Nice gift for Jewish school students, Yeshiva, Synagogue, Shul. The Tziztzit have 4 hand-tied tassels (Tzitziyot, fringes), every tassel consists of four long white strings according to the Jewish Halacha religious laws "Speak to the children of Is...


$ 14

Location: , Petach Tiqva
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