Toy Story Friends Disney Cute Cartoon Kids Shirt Backpack Embroidered Iron Patch

Please Visit Our EBAY Store for more PatchesDescriptionCondition : NewDimension : approximate:Alien W: 7.5 c.m.[3"] x H: 8 c.m.[3.25"]Buzz Lightyear W: 6.5 c.m.[2.5"] x H: 6.5 c.m.[2.5"]Rex W: 7 c.m.[2.75"] x H: 6.5 c.m.[2.5"]Slinky Dog W: 9 c.m.[3.5"] x H: 5.5 c.m.[2"]Laser Gun W: 12 c.m.[4.75"] x H: 7.5 c.m.[3"]Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head W: 9 c.m.[3.5"] x H: 6 c.m.[2.25"]Penguin W: 5.5 c.m.[2"] x H: 8 c.m.[3.25"]Toy Army man Soldiers W: 5 c.m.[2"] x H: 7.5 c.m.[3"]Able to apply on Shirt, Cap, Jean...


$ 3

Type: Iron-On
Location: , Jomthong, Ba
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